To train all cadres of Nurses to render effective services in the hospital and communities based on Christian Principles


To produce well trained, competent, self reliant and God fearing Nurses


To achieve a high standard of Education and produce competent and God fearing nurses


COMPETENCE. In all areas of rendering services

COMMITMENT. The school shall inspire the staff and students to render effective, efficient and selfless services

SPIRITUAL WORK. The Institution is under the authority of the Church of Uganda, so there is commitment to Biblical Teaching and other Spiritual activities such as Christian Fellowships which the student are required to attend and participate in

DISCIPLINE. The school will ensure adherence to its Rules and Regulations

TRANSPARENCY. As a school based on Christian Principles, it shall demonstrate integrity ensuring the effective and honest use of all resources. All the staff and students are expected to be truthful, reliable and accountable for their actions.

RESPONSIBILITY. The School is accountable to the School Governing Committee for all its actions and will consult the committee where appropriate.

STAFF DEVELOPMENT. The school will encourage staff in terms of professional development