Libraries are meant to give an extra boost to your knowledge. This is a place where all the world can be explored. When it comes to schools, libraries play a very important role while providing academic knowledge to the students.

The books kept in the racks of libraries are the house of knowledge and wisdom. The digital world with the power of smartphones, tabs, and computers can never be kept in the place of books as these books have a special place in the heart of students and readers.

There are many types of research done on the world level that describes how libraries help to improve students’ academic and reading success rate. School libraries help students to get authentic information through the books written by reputed scholars who come from different parts of the world.

A library plays an important role in creating a school culture, which helps every student to grow on their individual basis as well.

Libraries make lifelong learners

Libraries create a beautiful environment for the students to learn and grasp knowledge without any interference. Here students feel independence to read and learn in their desired manner. Now, modern libraries are equipped with e-books, computers, and even audio and video facilities.

Kuluva School of Nursing and Midwifery is equipped with various textbooks and e-books to support the academic and intellectual growth of the students.